1874 Mitchell World Atlas – New Hampshire and Vermont


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1874 Mitchell World Atlas- New Hampshire and Vermont  shows the geographical features of the Green Mountains (vert mont) and White Mountains, the valleys and rivers through graphic conventions, and the counties through hand coloring which was applied individually to each copy of the atlas.

The most significant feature is the Connecticut River which made its mark on human affairs due to the importance it held for transportation, beginning with trade among and with Native Americans, the settlement of Europeans, and the export of wood. All of these endeavors relied on the waterway. It divided  New Amsterdam (to the west) from New England for the first half of the seventeenth century, then British from French possessions until 1763. Following the French and Indian War, Vermont was claimed by both the New Hampshire Grants and the Territory of New York, leading to 1777, when Vermont became a Republic. It was brought in as a State in 1791, and was the first state to abolish slavery.

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