1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Quebec


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A beautiful County map of Quebec from the Mitchell World Atlas of 1874. A thoughtful gift for the love of history.

The Continental Army invaded Canada in the Battle of Quebec in 1775. The goal of the invasion was to gain control of Quebec and convince the people to join the revolution. This was the first major military initiative by the newly formed army. The army fought against British defenders of Quebec and proved the first major defeat for the Americans. A high price was paid through the death of General Richard Montgomery, the wounding of Benedict Arnold, and more than 400 American troops taken prisoner. In the battle and following siege, French speaking Canadians played an active part on both sides. Local residents provided the Continental Army with supplies. On the other side, the city's defenders included a locally raised militia. A number of Canadian supporters accompanied the Americans when they retreated. The remaining supporters were punished by the British when they re-established control.

Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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