1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Nova Scotia and New Brunswick


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The Maritimes. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick from the Mitchell World Atlas of 1874, this plate is a reproduction from a very high resolution scan. A Giclee print on heavy watercolor paper.

The Great Upheaval of 1755 was the forced expulsion of the Acadian people by the British from the Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and part of Maine. The removal took place during the French and Indian War. It lasted 9 years as part of the British military campaign against New France. The British first deported the Acadians, who were the French colonists settled in what was then Acadia, to the Thirteen Colonies. After 1758, they began deporting the settlers back to France. All in all, about 11,500 were deported. When the British first acquired the territory in 1710, a portion of the Acadians had attempted a revolt. Soon, the British saw a need to eliminate any future military threat and without making distinctions between those who had remained neutral and those who had rebelled, the British governor ordered all people to be expelled. The British seized Acadian farms, goods, and livestock. They ransacked and destroyed homesteads as precautions, incase the Acadians managed to return. Ultimately, the British would allow Acadians to return, provided they take an oath of allegiance. But, with their homesteads ruined, the Acadians were forced into the primarily unsettled areas of today's New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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