1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Illinois


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From the Mitchell Atlas of the World, this State of Illinois map of 1874 is a hand colored beauty showing the incredible development of the agricultural and manufacturing industries via the railroad network. An intuitive gift.

Starved Rock looms 130 feet above the Illinois River, and stands as the city's greatest natural landmark. Its name dates back to the 18th century. A desperate band of Illinois Native Americans sought refuge on top of the rock to escape a group of Pottawatomie Indians, who were revenging their Chief Pontiac's murder in 1769. The tribe soon found itself stranded on the rock without provisions and ultimately died of starvation. It still isn't know today whether this siege actually occurred, or if it was merely a myth. 

The fifteen minute long Battle of Fort Dearborn took place on August 15, 1812 between the American troops and Potawatomi Indians. It occurred in what is now the city of Chicago during the War of 1812. The brief conflict ended in total Native victory. The Fort of ultimately burned down and the surviving soldiers subsequently taken captive. This battle convinced the government and settlers once and for all that all Native Americans must be removed from the land and placed far away from the settlement. This was a prime example of the Natives "winning the battle but losing the war."

Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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