1874 Mitchell World Atlas – City of New Orleans


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From the Mitchell Atlas of the World,1874,this City Map of New Orleans is beautifully hand colored with the Wards most approximate to the River.

In 1874, a battle took place on the grounds of New Orleans. The insurrection was called the Battle of Liberty Place. It involved the attempted revolt by the Crescent City White League against the legal Reconstruction state government. Confederate veterans made up the Democratic paramilitary White League which fought and won against the integrated Metropolitan Police and state militia. The state house, armory, and downtown were held for three days until troops came to restore the elected governments. The White League finally retreated, though no men were charged in the action. This Battle stemmed from the disputed 1872 gubernatorial election in which two candidates claimed victory, Democrat McEnery and Republican Kellogg. A monument built to commemorate the battle from the White League remains controversial today.

Archival print from high-resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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