1937 Montana Frontier & Pioneer


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1937 Montana Frontier & Pioneer. Around 1880, my Grandfather, John R. Barrows, joined his father, A.R. Barrows at a trading post he had established near present day Judith Gap, MT. There was a sawmill operation and eventually a small ranch operation run by Barrows there, and a town grew as planned by my Great Grandfather to include a Blacksmith, Hardware and Dry Goods (Gaugler) store, and perhaps most significantly, a stage stop, Hotel and Post Office at Ubet, Montana.The town burned in 1903. There is a Cemetery there that is looked after by the Ubet 4H club. There is a large Monument at the State road nearby, North of Judith Gap.

Irvin Shope illustrated this map in 1937 for the Montana Highway Dept. I added the hand coloring and the name of the town my Great Grandfather built. The map is full of the colorful lore of early Montana.

Sally Barrows adds: John's grandfather's stories were published in magazines during his lifetime, and are on microfiche at the Montana Historical Society. In his later years, totally blind, he dictated these stories to his wife, placing them in the context of his own history, coming to Montana up the Missouri River at age 17 & adventures riding for Granville Stuart. This manuscript was published in 1934 as Ubet, A Greenhorn in Old Montana, republished in 1990 by University of Nebraska Press.

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