1854 RR Survey- Red River to the Rio Grande


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1854 RR Survey- Red River to the Rio Grande is remarkable for it’s lack of detail, save for the route of the US Pacific Railroad as explored and surveyed by Captain Pope of the US War Department. (A RR Survey carried out by the War Department?) The map is part of our Western US map collection, along with the survey map of the State of New Mexico 1863 and the 1851 map of the New Mexico Territory of the US Corps of Engineers by John Parke and Richard Kern. These early maps are only a few years after the United States conquest of the Southwest (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848).
Elsewhere on this website are ” Mining” maps of the region from Mexico to the Montana/Canadian border showing “all” the Acequias/irrigation systems that existed there at least when the maps were made at the end of the 19th Century. Many of them were a couple hundred years old at that time.
This is all " Northern Mexico ".

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