1852 California, Texas, Territories New Mexico & Utah


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1852 California, Texas, Territories New Mexico & Utah, with an inset of San Francisco Bay area. Atlas published by Joseph Meyer. A map published 3 years after the beginning of the Gold Rush, and 4 years after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in which Mexico ceded to the United States all of the territory we know today as the American Southwest - California to New Mexico, and north to parts of Colorado and Utah. Texas had already won independence from Mexico, and been annexed to the US.Most of the place names on the map are Spanish, except the areas populated by the gold rush. A beautiful, hand colored, early map of the region, showing topographical features, rivers, the location of Native American Tribes, and the "Old Spanish Trail" From Abiquiu, NM to Los Angeles. 

24" x 30", Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan.


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