1834 Kennebec River “Road to Canada”


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1834 Kennebec River  "Road to Canada", a survey  of the Kennebec from Hallowell to Moosehead Lake and the Canada Line shows the river through Augusta, Norridgewock, Bingham, and The Forks,Maine. This is the route followed by Benedict Arnold during the American Revolution in 1775 in the first military expedition of the newly formed Continental Army to gain military control of Quebec. 

The expedition left Cambridge, MA, went from the mouth of the Kennebec to a portage south of The Forks (confluence of the Kennebec and Dead Rivers) over the "Carrying Ponds" to the Dead River, over the Height of Land to Lac Megantic and the Chaudiere River and thence to the St. Lawrence and Quebec City. The river is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the Arnold Trail to Quebec. Maine is still looking for a "road to Canada" today, although it is an east-west road being persued.

The map title reads "Reconnaissance made in 1834 by Hartman Bache T.E. & Bt. Major Assisted by G. W. Ward 2nd Lt. 2nd Arty. and J. F. Cooper Bt.2nd Lt. 3rd Infy." The cartographers used Greenleaf's map of Maine as source with corrections by Ward and Cooper. The map names Moosehead Lake, the Bald Mountains, and three branches of the Penobscot River. A good road network is shown between Waterville, Skowhegan Falls, Norridgewock, Solon, and more. There is good detail of the Old Canada Road with a note at the border that Quebec is 93 miles. North is oriented to the right.

This map completes our first collection of maps of the legendary Kennebec.

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