1917 Mount Kineo Maine Fire Tower Map Colored


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1917 Mount Kineo Maine Fire Tower Map is one of a hundred or so maps that were used by Fire Wardens in the State of Maine to assist in pinpointing the exact location of smoke indicating a beginning forest fire. The maps used in the Maine Fire Towers were positioned flat on the plane of the map table, with the views oriented accurately toward the mountains on the horizon line. An instrument like a telescope/surveyor's transit called an "Alidade" that rotated a full 360 degrees was used to calculate a very precise sighting. That information was generally confirmed by triangulation with another Tower within sight of the smoke. Crews could then be dispatched to put out the blaze. This method makes use of elementary geometry, but the accuracy of the alidade and the amount of work to collect the data for the maps and execute them constitute sophisticated endeavors.  This image is the original with a " blue" band for the horizon view. The hand coloring of the land map inner part of the circle was done by John R. Barrows of Galeyrie.


Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan: 24" x 24"


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