1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Boston


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A beautiful map of Boston, Massachusetts from the World Atlas by Mitchell,published in 1874. Beacon Street was the waterfrontage on the Charles River. Dorchester was on the South Bay as was South Boston. Shown are Brookline and Charlestown.

The Boston Massacre consisted of British redcoats slaughtering five civilian men, and killing six others. It took place in 1770, and helped spark the rebellion in some of the British American colonies, eventually leading to the American Revolutionary War. The British increase in troops in Boston led to an increase in tension that erupted into brawls between soldiers and civilians. After being threatened by a mob, the troops fired, killing five civilians and injuring eleven. Crispus Attucks, a decendent of the Wampanoag tribe and Africa, was a solider in the American Revolution. He was the first individual shot to death by the British redcoats during the Boston Massacre. Attucks has been called the first martyr of the revolution. Little is actually known about this man, including the extent of his participation in revolutionary acts. He did, however, become an icon of the anti-slavery movement as an example of the first black hero of the American Revolution.

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