1702 Exact Mapp of New England

1702 Exact Mapp of New England, attributed to Cotton Mather, published in his opus, Magnalia Christi Americana, "shows New England as a new Garden of Eden and a Christian Israel, a settled, pious landscape covered over with churches where once stood only dark forbidding wilderness with all that that connotes. It demonstrates, too,
the work of the colony’s founders and early settlers in creating this “Garden of God,” and in so doing acts as a reproach to a lukewarm and sinful generation. Finally, it represents the New England landscape as orderly and fitting well into England’s colonial empire. The clean, populated image of the “Exact Mapp” provides a picture of New England that is more England than new, and thus works to reassure the English authorities of the loyalty of the colonies". (Jefferson Dillma, Defending the “New England Way”: Cotton Mather’s “Exact Mapp of New England and New York”, Historical Journal of Massachusetts, Vol. 38 (1), Spring 2010.)

This is achieved in 3 principal ways: the simplicity of the map, devoid of geographical features other than the coastline, major rivers and lakes as well as eliminating most of the Native American tribes, with the focus on the settlements as seen in the full array of towns represented by church symbols.

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