1616 – New Netherland: Explorations of the ship Onrust


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Map of New Netherland dated 1616. The first decked ship built by the Dutch in America was the Onrust, mentioned on this map. The ship and crew explored the coast from what was called Virginia to the Coast of Maine as far as the Penobscot or Pentagoet River.This map is a facsimile of the original document of exploration that was found at the Hague.

The expeditions by Adriaen Block and Hendrick Christiansz between 1611 and 1614 resulted in the surveying and charting of the east coast of the new world from the 38th parallel to the 45th parallel. On their 1614 map, which gave them a four-year trade monopoly under a patent of the States General, they named the newly discovered and mapped territory New Netherland for the first time. This map of 1816 was most certainly based on the earlier maps, and predates New Amsterdam by 8 years. This facsimile was produced by Sarony Company of New York City in 1841. The map is an archival reproduction of Sarony’s work.

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