1755 – British and French Dominions of North America: Acadia


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Map of the Acadia dated 1755, showing a very small Province of Maine, and a very large Acadia and Sagadahock. The Native American ancestral homes are located on the map. This map falls into the period of the French and Indian War.

The Aroostook War was a conflict of disputed borders between New Brunswick and the State of Maine in the late 1830s. The resolution, orchestrated with the help of Daniel Webster, was implemented in the 1842-Webster-Ashburton Treaty and gave us the border we have today. See Wikipedia"Aroostook War". This map of the British and French Possessions of North America (excerpt) was first printed in 1755 and being arguably the best map of the area disputed, was used as a basis for the negotiations and subsequent treaty agreement. It is a beautiful and important document.

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