1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Trade Routes of Asia


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Trade routes of Asia are detailed on this map from the 1874 Mitchell Atlas of the World. The Grape and Vine border and hand coloring of the original make all the maps of this atlas particularly handsome.

For centuries, the Europeans traded with traders from Asia. They sought jewels, clothes, gold, spices, spices, and other luxury items. The journey to Asia from their respective European countries, however, proved tumultuous. Until water routes were discovered in the Far East, only a land route existed. Travel through the Middle East, Turkey, and other Islamic Empires could be quite dangerous. So, the Europeans resolved to travel only part of the way to the Middle East. At these crossroads, they traded their goods for those of the Asian countries. When trade came to an abrupt stop in the 15th century, the Europeans looked to the seas as an alternate route.

Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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