1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Prussia and German States


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Prussia, Bavaria, the German States in this beautiful and richly hand colored map from the Mitchell World Atlas of 1874.

The Franco-Prussian War began in 1870 and ended a year later. The conflict pitted the French Empire and Kingdom of Prussia against one another. The North German Confederation aided Prussia. Tension had been rising due to past conflicts, failures, and resentment. Prussia and the German States used industrial technology to their advantage. The war ended with the victory of Prussia and its allies. A primary consequence of the war was the unification of Germany into an empire in its own right. Otto von Bismarck ruled the nation under an authoritarian constitution that elected a national parliament, but gave the Kaiser extensive powers. The now unified industrializing nation shifted the balance of power in Europe. Post-war tension between the two sides is considered a precursor to World War I.

Archival reproduction print from high resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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