1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Plan of Baltimore


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A plan of Baltimore, Maryland from the Mitchell World Atlas of 1874.The map shows details of important buildings including some footprints, as well as the railroads of 1874. A beautifully hand colored piece with the signature grape and vine border.

A series of Baltimore riots in 1856 proved to be the worst Know-Nothing rampaging of their era. The Know Nothing movement was an American political movement that promised to purify the nation's politics by limiting or ending immigrant influence. During the 1850s, street tensions escalated as neighborhood gangs became more involved in party politics. Know Nothing Mayor Samuel Hinks accurately predicted the violence that occurred during the October municipal election. Several killings and injuries occurred throughout the month, while violence escalated further during the November presidential election. The partisans involved were extremely well-known fighting men with strong connections to street violence. Much of the violence was well-organized and planned, as opposed to being purely spontaneous. Know-Nothing candidate Thomas Swann was elected Mayor of Baltimore during the violence and a heavily disputed ballot.

Archival print from high-resolution scan. 12" x 15"


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