1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Ontario


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Bordered by three immense lakes, Huron, Erie and Ontario, this County map of Ontario is from the 1874 Mitchell World Atlas. Hand colored and reproduced here in original size of 12"x15" archivally printed on acid free paper.

In Ontario, there was a nineteenth century shift of religious power from the Tory elite to the middle class merchants and professionals. The leadership of the Anglican Church had once been unquestioned, partly due to the intimate networks of patron client relations, faded gradually. Their power declined with the introduction of more modern ideals based on merit. By the 1870s, the new middle class was firmly in control and the old elite had all but vanished.

Beginning in the late 1870s, the Ontario Woman's Christian Temperance Union banded together under the objective of incorporating "scientific temperance" in the schools' curricula. This study reinforced moralistic temperance messages with the study of anatomy. When this proved unsuccessful, the Union moved to dry up Ontario through government action. This succeeded in eliminating alcohol in many rural areas and towns, but not in the larger cities. The sale and consumption of liquor, wine, and beer today are still controlled by the government, though to a lesser extent. This ensured strict community standards and the upholding of revenue generation from the alcohol.

The year 1813 brought the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812. A year before, when the war broke out, the British had immediately leaped to seize control of the Lake. But in 1813, the United States Navy defeated and captured the British Royal Navy, ensuring American control of the lake for the rest of the war. This in turn allowed the American force to recover Detroit and win the Battle of the Thames (Ontario). The Battle proved one of the biggest naval conflicts of the war.

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