1874 Mitchell World Atlas – Ohio and Indiana


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Ohio and Indiana from the 1874 Mitchell World Atlas. These maps are beautiful framed and make wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

The Cincinnati Riots of 1884, which would become some of the most destructive in American history, were instigated by public outrage over a jury decision. The public fought for the return of a manslaughter verdict in a clear case of murder. A young German and his accomplice robbed and murdered their employer, who was a livery stable owner. Despite having testimonies from seven different people claiming the man confessed his crime to them, the German was sentenced to only 20 years in prison. The judge himself dubbed the verdict "a damned outrage."  The protest escalated until a mob ventured to find and lynch the perpetrator themselves. Over 50 people died in the violence that followed and the Cincinnati courthouse was left destroyed. Cincinnati in the 80s was a tough industrial city with a rising crime rate. This was party due to dissatisfaction with labor conditions and was not helped by the corrupt political system. As the number of troops in Cincinnati grew, the riots slowly calmed down. The murdered served his rightful sentence in jail, while the political bosses whose influence played a large part in the unjust verdict stepped down.

Race relations in Indianapolis began to deteriorate during the 20th century. Although it had been one of the few states where no rioting took place following Martin Luther King's assassination, the passage of Unigov in 1970 further isolated the middle class from the city's growing African American community. Unigov was the name adopted by the city for its consolidated city-county government. Although the state of Indiana abolished segregated schools before the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, the court ordered decision of desegregated school busing proved quite controversial. In the following years, the city experienced a great deal of urban decay and white flight.  In wake of this, the following decades ushered in periods of planning and revitalization for the city's urban core.

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