1874 Mitchell Atlas of the World – Austrian Empire


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A beautifully hand colored map of Austria, Greece, Turkey and Italy from the Mitchell World Atlas of 1874.

In 1867, Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria was crowned king of Hungary, thus creating the dual monarchy of Austria Hungary. The unification was ultimately an attempt to save the Austrian empire from crumbling. The Italian and German campaigns for national unification had altered Europe's balance of power, thus challenging the supremacy of the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy. Austria was fresh off a defeat by the French and Piedmont forces and another loss in the Seven Weeks' War to Prussia. The empire was threatened by both an industrializing German state and unified Italy. Thus, the power chose to pursue a new political partner and regain the power it had lost. The joint empire lasted half a century, until the conclusion of World War I. Mono-cultural nationalism created by the forcing together of such alien culture played a great part in the fueling of the war. It was Slav nationalism that resulted in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, an incident which many see as the start of the war. 

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