1874 Mitchell Atlas of the World – Maine


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The Battle of Machias took place in Maine as the first naval engagement of the Revolutionary War. The two day battle took place in 1775 and ended in the capture by the Patriot militia of a British schooner. A year earlier, a merchant by the name of Ichabod Jones arrived in Machias and drew out a stringent list of conditions for the locals to get them to trade with him. When they refused, Jones asked Midshipman James Moore to bring an armed schooner called the Margaretta to close the town. The townspeople saw this as a threat and reversed their vote not to trade with Jones. When the trading commenced however, Jones angered many inhabitants by refusing to trade with those who voted against him. A local milita leader thus saw fit to draw up a plan to capture Jones while he was attending church. The plan failed, however, and a brief fight took place. Thus began the Battle of Machias. 

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