OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA customer had been on vacation with his wife, and wanted a special project done for   her for Valentine’s Day. He had photographs of them and some new friends they had    met, and a butterfly that had been part of the party. We created a shadow box with a    recessed chamber for the specimen, all boxed in with the matboard chosen. The photographs are on the higher plane in the frame.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnother customer had an idea for a gift for her daughter who is a student of  coastal ecosystems in Rhode Island. Their family had sailed for years in Little Narragansett Bay, and were familiar with all of the  landmarks. The mother brought in 2 maps which we sized and framed together to show that Sandy Point, which is now an island, was joined to Napatree Point until the Hurricane of 1938 when it was cut off from Napatree, migrated North and East, and changed orientation. The old and new maps framed together offer evidence of the phenomenal force of nature – a great gift!


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